There will be 100 levels for every monster. There will be a large number of levels of hunters, some associated with the collection of Prism shards, and some associated with both shards and amount of experience. Players can choose to display their hunter level as their player title. The titles and specific requirements for levels are loosely outlined below.


Begin New Game


Get Starter monster


Catch 1% of monster , Get 1 Shard


Catch 5% of monsters, Get 2 Shards, Raise 4+ monsters to Lv. 10+


Catch 10% of monsters, Get 3 Shards, Raise 5+ monsters to Lv. 15+


Catch 20% of monsters, Get 4 Shards, Raise 6+ monsters to Lv. 20+


Catch 30% of monsters, Get 5 Shards, Raise 7+ monsters to Lv. 25+


Catch 40% of monsters, Get 6 Shards, Raise 8+ monsters to Lv. 30+


Catch 50% of monsters, Get 7 Shards, Raise 9+ monsters to Lv. 35+


Catch 70% of monsters, Get 8 Shards, Raise 5+ monsters to Lv. 45+, Trade 5+ monsters, Win 5+ PvP Battles


Catch 99% of monsters, Get 9 Shards, Defeat Elite Four + Champion, Raise 6+ monsters to Lv. 100, Trade 10+ monsters, Win 10+ PvP Battles


Catch 100% of monsters, Unite All Shards, Raise 100+ monsters to Lv. 100, Trade 50+ monsters, Win 100+ PvP Battles, Control all Legendary monsters, Conquer all Hostile Hunter Leaders, Complete all Major Quest Lines

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