Biographical information
Catalog Number



Grasslands, Forests

Primary Type



Dirt Grass



Physical description

3'6" / 1.06m


84.5lbs / 38.3kg

Skin Color

Ash brown

Eye Color


Game information


Drilba is the earth monster that the player has the option of choosing at the beginning of his game.


Drilba are rather small and scrawny compared to their evolved counterparts. Drilba are exclusively bipeds that have a thick leathery hide, though their stomachs are smooth and soft. Their heads are adorned with a bony cover that is an extension of its skull. Drilba have relatively small feet with three clawed toes on which they always stand; their heels rarely touch the ground. They have equally small hands with three clawed fingers and a thumb.

Gender DifferencesEdit


Special AbilitiesEdit

Contrary to their scrawny appearance, Drilba are fairly strong and will readily throw rocks at intruders or when startled. They are also very adept jumpers with their long and muscular legs.


Drilba are very rambunctious and can get very hyperactive. Though most of the time, they channel that energy into scavenging or playing and competing with other Drilba. They tend to travel in small families where they're guarded by the larger Drilgons. They're very expressive and but like their older evolutions also very compassionate; when a member of their family is captured or killed in battle, they are known to mourn their death, and burry the bodies in the sides of mountains.


Drilba are found in grasslands but predominantly in forests where they can be found digging in dirt and through rock to find rich minerals, and nutritious roots, and fungus. Drilba are not particularly rare, but they are also not a common sight to the average hunter as they can usually only be found in deeper and more dangerous portions of the woods.


Drilba are omniverous though most of their diet consists of starchy vegetation. The times Drilba have been known to eat meat is during times when they have killed another monster in self defense. They're also extremely good at absorbing minerals from the water they drink and can survive for long periods on the nurishment in high mineral concentration water.

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